Porters and Poetry II

Our Porters and Poetry event in April was enjoyed by many, and we figured waiting until next year’s National Poetry Month was too long. So here we are a six-month mark, ready for another installment.

April Porters and Poetry had several featured poets punctuated opportunity for open mic. Our October 9th Porters and Poetry will mix it up again. We will again have choice beverages and open mic for any poetry, but we will punctuate it with a session of haiku and a session of limericks. Each poetic style will have a mild competition, as well, just to spice things up. These short, enjoyable poetic forms are such that you could even write them at the event itself (cocktail napkins and ballpoint pens will be standing by). For those who would like to participate but aren’t familiar with the forms, here’s a crash course…

Haiku: A Japanese form of poetry, traditionally an observation of the natural world, traditionally in three lines consisting of five syllables, seven syllables, and five syllables.

Limerick: Typically witty and tongue-in-cheeck, traditionally five lines of poetry with a rhyming scheme of AABBA.

For more details and instruction and examples– do a quick search online; but be careful– particularly when searching for examples of limericks. Sometimes they can be quite naughty.

See you at Porters and Poetry! 7:00 social, 8:00 poetry at MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids, MN. https://www.facebook.com/events/416370488566800/
porters and poetry

Thanks to our partners for making this event possible! Grand Rapids Players, MacRostie Art Center, 91.7 KAXE, and Zorbaz on Pokegama!

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