In the Wake

silhouette poster

shadow puppetry poster

August 2016– ‘Two Bits’ at Reif Top Ten Talent Search in the Wilcox Auditorium (Revived for GRArts First Friday February 2017)

August 2016– ‘Pistachios’ at HUGE Theater Minneapolis for MN Fringe Festival and Ives Studio Theater at Reif Performing Arts Center

June 2016– ‘Not Playing with a Full Deck’ revival at Myles Reif Performing Center for private party

April 2016– Porters and Poetry w/featured style Political Slam at MacRostie Art Center

October 2015– Porters and Poetry w/featured styles Haiku and Limerick at MacRostie Art Center

July 2015– Ziibi at Showboat Landing

April 2015– Porters and Poetry w/featured poets

February 2015Ah! We’re Bears!: our short skit for February First Friday as artists in residence at Old Central School

August 2014Borachio and Lion Meet in a Bar:  Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation and Grand Rapids Rotary Club at the Sawmill Inn

June/July 2014Shakespeare in the Park: ‘Much Ado About Nothing’ at Riverfront Park, Grand Rapids Area Library, and Edge of the Wilderness Golf Course, Bigfork

June 2014- ‘Oz Mystery Dinner Theatre’ for the Judy Garland Festival at Sawmill Inn

April 2014‘Silhouette, Gentille Silhouette’ shadow puppetry at MacRostie Art Center (video here)

January 2014‘The Secret of Mosquitoes’ at the Southern Theater Minneapolis for Twin Cities 24 theatre festival

January 2014‘Not Playing with a Full Deck’ at Old Central School (video here)

August/September 2013Shakespeare in the Park: ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ at MacRostie Art Center, Old Central School Park, and the Forest History Center


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